Frequently Asked Questions

Our Spray Tan Solution is made with 100% Organic DHA and naturally derived ingredients that are vegan and approved by PETA. This solution is applied to the skin using an Airbrush System.

DARK isn’t for everyone! The “orange” occurs when you choose the wrong shade of Airbrush solution. We use 3 shades & 2 solutions and will custom blend to match your skin tone.

Your tan will be applied by a trained professional using a system that delivers an even application of airbrush solution. This is not a booth experience!

Day before tan, exfoliate with an oil free scrub and moisturize. If you haven’t exfoliated for a while, plan to do a series of exfoliations followed by moisturizer. Day of tan – shower at least 4 hours prior to appointment and DO NOT APPLY – SOAP, DEODORANT, PERFUMES, MOISTURIZERS.


Wear a bathing suit, bikini or shorts or choose from a variety of disposables.

Think loose clothing! Really loose – sundress, bathing suit cover-up, yoga pants, shorts & T-shirt.  Remember it is very important that you do not come into contact with any water or sweat during the development process.

Wax or shave at least 12 hours prior to tan. After you tan, shave with a NEW razor and use shower gel or shave cream for added slip.

Best case scenario – day before your tan. Day of tan, we suggest just a polish change for pedicure service. Avoid the application of lotions and scrubs to arms and legs since these will block your Airbrush Tan development.

We are in this together! The better you exfoliate, the longer the tan will last! You can expect your tan to last 7-10 days. The use of Tan Extenders will increase the life and vibrancy of your tan.